Logi Analytics Steps Up Big Data Capabilities

Logi Analytics, which allows organizations to create web-based BI and analytic applications that can be integrated within their business applications, systems, and processes, is enhancing its big data capabilities with new support for Amazon Redshift and a new technology partnership with ParStream.

Amazon Redshift is a cloud-based analytical data warehouse service designed to deliver high performance analytics for data warehouse and big data applications.  The new support for Redshift allows Logi Analytics customers to now use Amazon Redshift to increase query performance when analyzing extremely large datasets.

ParStream is a real-time big data analytics platform provider. The ParStream partnership will enable Logi Analytics customers to visualize data and, using ParStream, perform interactive analytics and rapid queries on extremely large data volumes, while simultaneously ingesting real-time operational data.

“Logi Analytics, used with Amazon Redshift, doubles-down on our customer commitment to ease of use, affordability, and rapid time to deployment, regardless of the underlying data complexity or scale,” says Brett Jackson, CEO, Logi Analytics.  “With Amazon Redshift, Logi Analytics customers can seamlessly embed big data analytics, advanced visualizations, interactive dashboards, and reporting into their existing applications, processes, or systems and quickly put their critical information to work.”

For companies that need to analyze and visualize large volumes of real-time high velocity data, the speed of the data platform is critically important, adds Jackson, noting that the combination of Logi Analytics’ BI platform and ParStream’s real-time analytics database will give customers continuous visibility into their business operations.

More information is available about Amazon Redshift, ParStream, and Logi Analytics