Logi Analytics and MongoDB Partner to Enhance Big Data Analytics

Logi Analytics, a provider of embedded analytics software, is partnering with MongoDB, a provider of a NoSQL document-oriented database, to help application developers create cutting-edge information applications. 

“With big data we are starting to witness a pretty tectonic shift in information. A number of our customers now are collecting and storing far more data and information than they ever have before,” Kevin Greene, vice president of business development and channels at Logi Analytics, said in a recent interview.

“Application developers are increasingly selecting MongoDB as their preferred data repository and the reason they are doing it is because of the flexible data structure that comes with the MongoDB database,” explained Greene. Logi Analytics has developed the Logi Analytics native connector that empowers app developers to build the next generation of information applications. The connector gives developers the ability to specify custom filter expressions, perform aggregations using MongoDB’s pipeline operations, and employ MapReduce functions to query the data for interactive analytics, reporting and dashboards.

“This wasn’t just a strategic move for Logi Analytics; we are reacting really to what our customers are asking for,” said Greene.

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