LogiXML Releases Logi Info v11 with New Data Visualizations and Exploration

Web-based business intelligence provider LogiXML has released Logi Info v11, an information platform for embedding analytics directly into business processes, systems and applications. This makes it easier for business people to understand their data and it put information to work directly inside their applications. 

Logi Info v11 features new capabilities including professional-grade design for charts, tables, and data visualizations that reduce clutter and improve comprehension. Bullet graphs, sparklines, and balloon gauges improve data understanding while using space efficiently. “This is a more effective way for people to get, consume and understand their information than necessarily having a standalone business intelligence application,” Brian Brinkmann, LogiXML’s VP of product management, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

LogiXML added mobile friendly design themes to Logi Info v11 for easier presentation and interactivity on touch devices, as well as intuitive data exploration so users can interact directly with visualizations to identify, investigate, and uncover relationships, patterns and trends. The latest release of Logi Info has faster performance thanks to a new ActiveSQL data layer that provides faster analysis of large data sets. “Logi Info v11 allows our customers to get their analytics in a more interactive way with better visualizations, interactivity, and great mobile as well,” Brinkmann explains. Lastly, a new API enables users to quickly embed analytics into internal and external facing web and mobile applications, helping to speed up application development and simplify deployment.

Logi Info v11 is available now. Visit to learn more.