LogiXML Updates Ad Hoc Reporting Solution

LogiXML, a business intelligence tool provider, announced a new release of the company's Web-based ad hoc reporting solution, Logi Ad Hoc Version 10. Logi Ad Hoc is a self-service business intelligence application that enables business users to create sophisticated dashboards and reports without IT involvement.

Logi Ad Hoc is designed for organizations with limited IT resources and a growing demand for reporting from business users. Logi Ad Hoc Version 10 includes a redesigned user interface that makes dashboard and report creation easier and more intuitive. A non-technical business user could build his or her own dashboard within a very short time using this tool, Matt Hoffman, director of product marketing for LogiXML, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "With Logi Ad Hoc, business users can create their own dashboards in just minutes," he says. "Dashboard panels can include tables, cross tabs, charts, graphs, heat maps, and even web pages."

The tool can discover and automatically build metadata, avoiding the need to design and build complex data cubes or data marts. Logi Ad Hoc supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions for Java and .NET.

User self-service was a capability in previous versions of Logi Ad Hoc as well, Hoffman says. "Logi Ad Hoc has always been a self-service business intelligence application designed for business users," he explains. "However, for Version 10, we saw an opportunity to make the user interface more intuitive than any other BI application on the market. With Logi Ad Hoc Version 10, a wide and diverse community of business users are able to ask questions of their data without help from IT."

Hoffman also sees Logi Ad Hoc as a way to help to wean end users off spreadsheets as well. "Many of our customers purchase Logi Ad Hoc because they have islands of data sitting throughout their enterprise in so-called spread marts," he says. "These customers are often looking for one version of the truth based on real-time data, not out-of-date spreadsheets. They see the sophisticated reporting features offered by Logi Ad Hoc through a centrally managed web-application as the perfect solution."

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