LogicMonitor Debuts LM Co-Pilot, Accelerates Operations and Troubleshooting for IT Teams

LogicMonitor, a leading SaaS-based hybrid observability platform powered by AI, is introducing its generative AI-based tool, LM Co-Pilot, which uses generative intelligence to assist users in their day-to-day operations, recognize issues and offer solutions, and empower IT and cloud operations teams to focus on innovation.

“One of the benefits of generative AI is its ability to take massive amounts of information and distill it into a rich, yet refined, interactive experience. While there are several applications for this, we want to initially target experiences that we can immediately improve.” said Taggart Matthiesen, chief product officer, LogicMonitor. “With Co-pilot, we can condense multiple steps into an interactive experience, helping our users immediately access our entire support catalog at the tip of their fingers. This is really an evolutionary step in content discovery and delivery. Co-Pilot minimizes error-prone activities, saves our users time, and exposes them to contextually relevant information.” 

By assessing an organization’s data across its cloud and on-prem infrastructure systems and learning user preferences based on inputs, LM Co-Pilot offers an interactive dialogue and real-time assistance in set-up, administration, and troubleshooting to free valuable time and mindshare for IT and cloud ops teams.

Its features include:

  • Admin: LM Co-Pilot streamlines multi-step and multi-page administrative tasks into LM Envision for a single interactive experience so users can achieve their tasks more efficiently while saving time and facing less potential errors.
  • Support: LM Co-Pilot provides curated interaction, bringing the content scattered across numerous pages of support articles into a chat-like experience - saving users time and energy spent searching support documentation for best practices.

Since its founding, LogicMonitor was built to reduce the time and complexity of monitoring hybrid IT environments. LM Co-Pilot extends LogicMonitor’s AI-powered experience to help IT teams in their day-to-day operations and administrative tasks, according to the company.

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