Logtrust Announces Availability of New Solution at Strata + Hadoop World 2016

Logtrust is expanding the availability of its solution, enabling real-time analytics on streaming, historical (batch), and complex (multi-source) data sets.

Logtrust now makes it possible to deliver log and metrics in Machine Real-time (sub-second) or Human Real-time (within 10 seconds) for Any Data with Any Volume at Any Time, setting a new standard for “real-time” analytics.

The platform reduces the time-to-value from years or months to days or minutes for typical fast data, Big Data analytics, allowing companies of any size to: perform data-in-motion analytics at lightning speed, regardless of the volume of the data (or when it was created), collecting up to 10 terabytes per day while processing and analyzing up to 1 million events per second per core;  concurrently ingest data in real-time from a limitless variety of sources; and visualize, correlate, and analyze all of the organization’s data, regardless of format, drilling down and across to extract signals from noise and quickly identify trends, through pre-built dashboards.

“Current Big Data solutions either focus on storing the data or analyzing it, and tend to be limited to batch, streaming, or complex event processing,” said Pedro Castillo, founder and CEO, Logtrust. “Our platform allows you to perform all three of these analytic functions, while also offering the means to rapidly ingest and store massive amounts of data at high speed, and is production-ready in minutes. Whether you’re looking at security, IoT, operations, fraud, marketing, or any other aspect of business, Logtrust is unmatched when it comes to quickly delivering actionable insight.” 

Additionally, the solution enables companies to manage every aspect of data security and control with full governance and fidelity, complete residency control, and a flexible combination of native cloud, hybrid, and on-premise deployment.

Logtrust augments security information and event management (SIEM), IT Operations , and Business Intelligence (BI) technologies such as HP Arcsight, IBM QRadar, Tableau, and Power BI with real-time processing and always-hot data.

It accepts any Splunk raw events forwarded and routed to Logtrust for real-time queries, and normalizes the data to match third-party system-specific schema such as CEF for HP Arcsight or LEEF for IBM QRadar for integration. Logtrust REST APIs allow any third-party systems or applications to call its real-time queries and advanced visualizations functions.

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