Newsletters Collaborates with Microsoft Azure to Provide Monitoring Capabilities for Cloud Developers, a leading open source observability platform for modern DevOps teams, is forming a new strategic partnership with Microsoft Azure to streamline monitoring and observability workflows for cloud developers.

“Today's DevOps engineers need direct access to the specific performance data that enables them to build and troubleshoot applications with greater speed and agility,” said Tomer Levy, CEO, “Through this strategic partnership, Microsoft Azure developers can now enjoy advanced observability with the click of a button, allowing them to work faster and with greater accuracy.”

Azure users can now deploy the platform directly from the Azure Console with the click of a button. The seamless integration between Azure and delivers visibility and monitoring for enterprise organizations developing applications on Azure, providing the specific information needed to streamline code development and achieve business agility, according to the vendors.’s approach to monitoring and observability combines the best open source tools—ELK, Prometheus, and Jaeger—onto a scalable platform with added enterprise grade features like Alerts, reports, enhanced data segregation, and security.

The Azure framework and product integration with enables engineers building and maintaining applications in Azure to use these popular open source capabilities with even greater ease and less friction, according to the companies.

“Our partnership with will accelerate innovation within the engineering community, enabling teams to seamlessly launch observability tools and rapidly build and monitor their products, while providing customers with a centralized portal management for billing and support for their Azure Deployments,” said Julia Liuson, corporate vice president, Microsoft developer division.

By enabling engineers and IT operations pros to rapidly collect, analyze, and visualize their observability data in a centralized manner, provides the critical visibility needed to reduce response time and optimize use of engineering resources—processing huge volumes of information to extract meaningful performance insights.

This importantly enables organizations to answer technical and business queries on the fly, and more easily monitor today’s distributed, complex, containerized cloud environments.

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