Newsletters Introduces New Capabilities to its Observability Platform, an open source observability platform for modern DevOps teams, is making updates to its observability platform, introducing a combination of capabilities including Unified Dashboards, Anomaly Detection, Service Performance Monitoring, and Security Event Management, supported by further adoption of OpenSearch.

“We’re thrilled to dramatically increase the ability for our customers to benefit from a more unified, cross-platform approach that advances full stack observability, extends key product areas to support advanced use cases, and continues to embrace OSS,” said Tomer Levy, CEO at “With these improvements, and continued enhancements to our increasingly robust, innovative platform, we’re proud to be a leading source of observability that’s truly built for scale.”

 New product enhancements announced are:

·          Unified Dashboards: Enables customers to quickly search for the root cause of production issues and perform centralized analysis across their full observability stack - using any combination of logs, metrics, and traces monitored using Allows customers to quickly consolidate data without manually switching between products and unify any/all of their data in unified dashboards to get the full picture of their environment, enable teams, and resolve problems sooner. 

·         Anomaly Detection: Harnesses the power of AI to allow customers to automatically isolate and investigate emerging problems in their environments, based on unusual patterns and behaviors. To locate and alert on issues, AI engine monitors data and builds a model that takes into account unique trends in the environment and begins monitoring for unusual behavior on an ongoing basis. The system improves precision over time based on the continued application of machine learning and human inputs.

·         Service Performance Monitoring: Advances the ability of customers to monitor application performance in microservices architectures using Distributed Tracing, based on Jaeger. Enables users to gain a bird’s eye view into their systems’ health metrics to quickly locate anomalies and spikes and drill down to sample traces with a single click. Based on’s work with the OSS community to enhance Jaeger and OpenTelemetry, including contribution of the OTEL Span Metrics Processor.

·         Security Event Management: Delivers capabilities required by security analysts to better classify, prioritize and collaborate on the mitigation of events, gaining the specific ability to enact targeted workflows aimed at threat response. Event Management supports key workflows around emerging security threats identification, assignment and handling, severity-based triage and subsequent mitigation - providing teams with visibility into event trends, resolution status and other key response metrics.

·         OpenSearch: In keeping with its strong commitment to open source, has adopted OpenSearch as its backend engine for logs and search in its cloud native observability platform. Since Elastic announced its intent to close-source Elasticsearch, has worked closely with AWS and others to advance OpenSearch, enabling users to safeguard their existing investments while providing faster, more responsive log data ingestion, querying and analysis.

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