Newsletters Launches App 360, Revolutionizing Traditional APM, provider of Open 360, the easy-to-use, cost-efficient observability platform, is announcing the launch of App 360, a modern alternative to Application Performance Management (APM) joining’s Open 360 platform. Engineered to deliver comprehensive APM functionality, App 360 improves this area by empowering ease-of-use and affordability.

On top of the lack of simplicity and increased costs, APM has long existed as a rather complex endeavor. Requiring a long-term investment that is remarkably tough on resources—requiring the instrumentation of all of an enterprise’s code to support it as well as a large cost incurred by legacy tools—the need is clear for an update to app monitoring.

App 360 addresses these shortcomings, offering customers a way to monitor application performance effectively and holistically without breaking the bank.

“We’re a customer-obsessed organization and the ask was loud and clear,” said Tomer Levy, CEO and co-founder of “They told us they were frustrated with under-performing APMs that cost an arm and a leg. Customers asked for a straightforward, modern, and cost-effective solution to ensuring the health and performance of modern applications.”

In addition to these wants, customers increasingly desired an APM solution that was born in the Kubernetes and AI era, “tailor-made for monitoring and troubleshooting microservices, K8s, and ephemeral environments,” said Levy.

App 360 is, at its core, designed to support distributed microservices architectures running on Kubernetes and other modern environments, converging logs, metrics, and traces from apps, infrastructure, and Kubernetes into a single view. Data is automatically correlated, enabling engineers to easily uncover production issues and surface the root cause for expedited troubleshooting.’s APM solution emphasizes its intuitiveness, delivering an OpenTelemetry-based agent that offers automatic service discovery, one-click application instrumentation, and data collection for logs, metrics, and traces. This data is then automatically highlighted within App 360, ensuring that any patterns or issues are immediately obvious to the viewer.

Rectifying siloed telemetry is a significant driver for App 360, enabling enterprises to make truly data-driven decisions with the maximum quantity of context derived from a single view of the data.

“What people are looking for today is a platform that not only brings together all the relevant data from a practical standpoint—to inform analysis and troubleshooting—but something that is also easy to understand and consume from a UX perspective,” explained Levy. “ tags the data on the agent level to ensure we can correlate the code, the service, the pod, and the hardware it sits on.”

App 360 enhances the cost management of APM while optimizing for maximum data. Offering a Data Optimization Hub as well as multi-tiered storage—including Cold Tier on Amazon S3— customers selecting Open 360 will benefit from App 360’s cost-conscious design.’s App 360 also comes with the following functionalities:

  • Service overview that centralizes essential telemetry data from your infrastructure and applications in a single data analysis interface with minimal configuration
  • Distributed tracing for isolating app performance issues by transaction flows
  • Service map visualization which surfaces data flow, dependencies, and critical performance metrics
  • Service list dashboard for unifying all running services for rapid detection of issues as they occur
  • Easy Connect, a capability that automates service discovery, application instrumentation, and data collection
  • Deployment tracking in a user’s service with Open 360 dashboards, highlighting when services are deployed and in which version, as well as other deployment information
  • Data Optimization Hub, a telemetry data pipeline function that centralizes the process of identifying, removing, and manipulating unnecessary observability data to reduce costs

“This [App 360] allows organizations to arrive at detailed insights into the current state of their applications faster and at a lower cost than ever before,” said Levy. “We’re not claiming that App 360 represents everything that you’d find in a full-spec APM platform, but it has everything that is needed from an observability perspective, which is what organizations are currently striving for.”

“The focus on simplifying the use of OTEL is a really big deal, as well. If you are trying to translate your OTEL data into applications insights quickly, this gives you the ability to do so. And all of this comes at a much lower cost than traditional APM,” Levy added.

App 360 is immediately available to all customers within Open 360, at no additional cost.

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