Looker 4 Creates a Full Data Ecosystem Experience

Looker is launching a boosted version of its namesake platform, introducing a simplified, complete data platform that allows companies to easily integrate, transform, govern, explore, visualize, and deliver data anywhere, in virtually any application.

“We think being a complete platform is really a mix, it’s not just technology but it’s also about an ecosystem that lives around the technology,” said Daniel Mintz, chief data evangelist at Looker.

Looker 4 allows users to build anything on the platform, push data to any application, and sorts data into a single source of truth.

Looker 4 features include a RESTful API to create custom experiences as well as push data almost anywhere a user along with a new Actions and Webhooks functionality; the ability to build reliable data metrics with a refreshed LookML and a new, in-browser IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that delivers more powerful tools than have ever been available to data analysts and data developers; and allows users to move from information scarcity to insight abundance.

“We’re making it easy for explorers to get their data outside of Looker,” Mintz said.

Data analysts and users already familiar with Looker will benefit the most from these updates, according to Mintz.

Looker also announced the Looker Blocks Directory that contains over 50 pre-built, re-usable analytic templates created by Looker, Google, Segment, Stitch and many others, plus 12 data applications to accelerate the time-to-value when deploying Looker. 

“Looker 4 is really the culmination of many months long project for us,” Mintz said. “We really want to expand what people think of as possible.”

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