Looker Bolsters its Platform with User Enhancements for Immediate Insights

Looker is unveiling new features and enhancements to its platform that will give users immediate access to insights.

“We think it’s really important that when folks first log into the product it’s very easy for them to find what they’re looking for or if they don’t know what they’re looking for to find something that’s relevant to them,” said Daniel Mintz, chief data evangelist, Looker.

Enhancements in this release include a better content experience, improved workflow integration, expanded packaged solutions, new dynamic and interactive visualizations, and greater security and governance.

Looker has rolled out an action hub for integrations and a suggested curator for finding relevant data throughout the system, Mintz explained.

“We want to make it dead simple to get data out of Looker and into those other tools that people are using,” Mintz said.

New visualizations include a new tool that allows users to pull onto Looker instances instantly, according to Mintz.

“We don’t want to clutter up the visualization types for every company,” Mintz said.

Application updates for the platform are being driven by customer demand, Mintz explained.

Less technical users such as growth hackers, marketing specialists, customer success managers, sales reps, and more, will benefit the most from these updates, according to Mintz.

“What we’re really focused on here is giving users across the organization better access to insights so that they can improve their decision making,” Mintz said.

Looker will continue to enhance its applications with devops, product manager, and mobile custom analytics.

“We are accumulating enormous amounts of data and we have been for years and years but the number of insights has not been growing nearly as fast and so what we’re really focused on is taking that data and turning it into insights,” Mintz said. “It’s about helping people do their jobs better.”

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