Looker Integrates with Atlassian to Improve Product Development

Looker, a data platform company, is creating new integrations with Atlassian products that improve collaboration.

Looker has delivered pre-built integrations of Atlassian’s Jira Software, Bitbucket, and Hipchat products for the Looker data platform.

This powerful integration brings product development tools into the Looker platform for the first time. Product teams can now use information from multiple sources to track, alert, and act on vital product information directly from within Looker.

“Looker is significantly more than a leading business intelligence tool. It’s a complete platform for data applications that helps teams operationalize their daily workflow,” said Keenan Rice, VP of Alliances for Looker. “By tightly integrating Atlassian’s world-class collaboration, project, and tracking tools into Looker, product teams now have comprehensive, detailed, and up-to-the-minute insights into their projects that they can act on immediately.”

Looker Integrations with Atlassian Products include:

  • Looker Block for Jira Analytics – Importing Jira data into Looker has never been easier. With the pre-integrated Looker Block for Jira data, product teams can make important data available for analysis in minutes, not days. Looker provides simplified access to a wide range of data sources to create a 360-degree view of product development, usage, and customer experience.
  • Looker Version Control with Bitbucket – Rapidly analyze insights with the Looker integration for Atlassian Bitbucket. It gives analysts a clean, intuitive development environment for Looker queries and LookML – including code branching, sharing, and reuse.
  • Looker Actions for Jira & Hipchat – With the Looker Action for Jira, a Jira ticket can be opened or modified directly from within the Looker interface. The Looker Action for Hipchat puts data insights directly into user workflows for immediate use, keeping even widely distributed teams in sync on the latest developments.
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