Looker Opens European Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland

Looker, which provides a platform for data analytics and exploration, is expanding its international operations with the opening of its new European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

The company opened its first European office in London in 2015. The newly established headquarters in Dublin is aimed at allowing Looker to better support its ongoing growth and market opportunities across Europe. The headquarters will be led by John O’Keeffe, VP of EMEA for Looker, who has held executive positions with and Nitro in Europe. The Dublin operations are expected to create approximately 50 positions within Sales, Marketing, Professional Services and Support over the next 3 years.

Looker is opening the Dublin office because providing a high level of service to its European customers and prospects required a deeper commitment to the region, said Frank Bien, CEO of Looker, noting that with its London office well established and the initial team in Dublin in place, the company will be building out its presence in Europe.

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