Looker Releases Analytical Apps for Business Units and Departments

Looker is releasing a new platform of apps to help business units and departments gain the information they need to run their businesses. According to the company, Looker Data Apps have been developed from years of experience building custom applications for leading companies.

The goal with Looker Data Apps is to give key business functions and departments, as well as a number of industries, a competitive edge by equipping them with the data they need to run their business. “Business users can consume that data and really use it in a more reliable way,” said Frank Bien, CEO of Looker.

Looker Data Apps can be deployed on top of the Looker Data Platform at no additional cost.

Instead of relying on isolated departmental tools with historical reports, the entire company can use Looker to understand each aspect of their business with up-to-the-minute data to make data-driven decisions.

“These are lightweight applications that can be deployed in a business function very quickly that allow the people in that function to run their business, interfacing what’s happening in real-time on Looker,” Bien said.

According to the vendor, Looker Data Apps can improve sales outcomes and team performance by simplifying complex sales process with easy to understand deal pipeline, individual deal status, and rep-by-rep performance analysis. The apps make it easier to proactively determine customers at risk of churn, identify key actions or product features that drive retention, and recognize opportunities for upsell.

Looker Data Apps will benefit e-commerce, digital media analytics, digital advertising analytics, gaming, and Saas operations, according to the company.

“It’s oriented toward getting data into the hands of everybody, not just the few,” Bien said.

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