Luminex Announces Enterprise Enhancements for Mainframe Virtual Tape

Luminex Software Inc., a provider of mainframe virtual tape for data deduplication storage systems, announced Luminex Tape Monitor software (LTMON) for mainframe virtual tape systems, part of its family of Channel Gateway mainframe virtual tape products. Luminex also announced its High Availability Grid (HA-Grid) functionality, which provides highly available and redundant mainframe virtual tape storage.

LTMON software is a z/OS-started task which enables the mainframe operations staff to monitor and display messages and initiate commands to the Luminex Channel Gateways (virtual tape control units) and storage systems directly from the mainframe's master console.

Luminex's HA-Grid functionality builds on its previously announced SyncCopy replication management feature, and provides mainframe data centers with further integration using the new LTMON mainframe console-based management software. HA-Grid functionality provides organizations the ability to leverage multiple storage systems to provide fully redundant local storage of virtual tape data, with automated failover for high-availability operations.

LTMON is now generally available, and HA-Grid is planned for release in April. LTMON, SyncCopy and HA-Grid complement the Luminex customer-driven suite of products, including Tape Migration Software and Services, DataStream Intelligence for maximizing data deduplication rates and Tape Monitoring and Allocation Control System (TMACS) software for complex device allocation management.

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