Luminex Delivers Alternative to Unsecured Mainframe FTP

Luminex Software, Inc., a provider of mainframe virtual tape solutions, has introduced the latest release of its Mainframe Data Integration (MDI) platform. MDI enables tape data to be securely shared between mainframes and distributed systems applications, transformed and made available for offloading mainframe processing or general business operations across the enterprise.

Luminex MDI is designed to help delivers faster and more secure access and transformation to make data exchange more reliable and MDI uses fewer mainframe CPU resources than using unsecured FTP and IP ports.

MDI uses the mainframe’s native channel I/O and emulates 3590 tape devices. On the distributed systems side, MDI can use NFS, SFTP or other enterprise-approved protocols to interface with distributed systems platforms and applications. So, mainframe users can reduce security risks by using the same, trusted mainframe FICON channel I/O technology that is used for their tape and primary disk (DASD) solutions.

“MDI is the result of partnering with customers, continuous product development and enhancements to our core virtual tape technology. It builds on our decades of leadership and innovation in mainframe data storage and sharing,” said Art Tolsma, CEO of Luminex Software.

Although MDI is offered as a standalone solution, when combined with Luminex Mainframe Virtual Tape, MDI enables end users to take advantage of expanded capabilities and maximize their investment in tape operations.