Luminex and Kanematsu Electronics Extend Mainframe Virtual Tape Partnership

Luminex Software, Inc., a developer and provider of disk-based mainframe virtual tape products and technologies, and Kanematsu Electronics Ltd. (KEL) have extended and expanded their partnership in Japan for mainframe virtual tape. KEL has been selling the Luminex mainframe virtual tape technology as KEL EG4500-E to the largest companies and organizations in Japan for a decade already. The latest version of the KEL EG4500-E now includes Luminex's low-profile PCIexpress FICON and ESCON channel adapters and virtual tape emulation software.

KEL designs and implements information systems, and supplies operation and consulting services for business based on its expertise in information technology. The company imports, exports, retails, leases, maintains, develops, and manufactures IT system products and software. "We have over 100 customers in Japan-using mainframes from Hitachi, Fujitsu, and IBM-that rely on Luminex technology for their mission-critical mainframe tape operations," says Koichi Toki, senior technical advisor at KEL. "The KEL EG4500-E products, which are based on Luminex technology, are enterprise-proven at many of the world's most demanding customers. We are pleased to offer products based on the longstanding and innovative Luminex technology and will continue our partnership with Luminex to deliver their industry-leading ESCON and FICON products and technology to customers in Japan."

"KEL is a great partner for Luminex and they are well-recognized in Japan and across the Asia-Pacific region for their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and success," adds Art Tolsma, Luminex's CEO. For more information, about Luminex, go here.