Lyzasoft Introduces Collaborative Analytics for the Enterprise

Lyzasoft, a BI software company founded in 2008 as a spin-off of a successful business intelligence consulting practice, recently introduced its second major product. This product, called the Lyza Commons, is an enterprise collaboration server that enables business analysts to share data and reports with trusted peers through a user-driven publishing model.

The reports and analyses that can now be shared are created on individual analyst's desktop machines using Lyzasoft's first product, the Lyza desktop analytics solution. The Lyza desktop software has a visual drag-and-drop interface with spreadsheet-like formulas, and enables analysts to iteratively explore, synthesize, and visualize data relationships to solve business problems. These insights can then be published via compelling reports directly by the analysts without specialized IT requests.

The Lyza Commons collaboration server further reduces the volume of ad hoc query and report development requests that end-users need to place on IT by empowering these users with intuitive tools in a federated environment.Lyza Commons combines desktop analytics with a workgroup or enterprise server, unites groups of analysts together, and enables them to decide what analyses to share and with whom. Lyza Commons also provides transparency and manageability of information flows to IT, enabling them to leverage the work of analysts to do rapid report prototyping and other BI activities.

"Oftentimes, pre-determined views provided within existing enterprise business intelligence tools don't fully satisfy the analytical needs of end-users," Melissa Risteff, chief marketing officer at Lyzasoft, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Therefore, Lyzasoft's strategy is to complement existing BI tools by providing the full analytical flexibility that business users need on their desktops. Lyza can connect to existing data warehouses but also provides strong data integration capabilities to access data in spreadsheets, transactional databases, and text and flat files. This data can then be cleansed, transformed, and brought together into whatever view meets the needs of the business analyst."

Risteff also notes that "with Lyza Commons, we are extending our business model to address the needs of workgroups, and providing the capability to trace workflows. Charts, reports, and datasets can be traced to allow users to see a map of the data's lineage-the filters, formulas, manipulations and sources that were used to create the information."

Lyza Commons server runs on Microsoft Windows and is available immediately as part of two packaged workgroup bundles.

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