MANTA Further Enhances Visibility into Data Pipelines with Release 37

MANTA, the data lineage platform, is launching Release 37, offering new enhancements to data lineage platform that include modeling tool and scanner upgrades to offer efficient data lineage experiences for customers.  

With Release 37, MANTA further upgrades its platform to meet the modeling requirements of users scanning new properties into MANTA Flow to infer end-to-end data lineage.

This enhancement ensures that new properties including type, length, nullability, and constraints are seamlessly parsed and implemented for logical attributes of supported modeling tools.

In addition, Release 37 includes several enhancements to existing data lineage scanners that track how and where data flows and transforms, enabling full visibility into the most complex data pipelines.

Scanner updates include:

                     PostgreSQL and Greenplum: performance speed upgrades that enable smarter parallel extraction and faster scan times for large systems.

                     Talend’s tS3Put Connector:  enhanced visibility into data pipeline usage of Amazon S3 Buckets.

                     SAP HANA: additional transaction and import/export statement support.

                     Snowflake: analysis of Snowflake scripting from SQL support to automatically parse for lineage.

                     MS SQL Server: enhanced support for advanced constructs such as OPENJSON, plus temporal tables and queries support.

Additional enhancements to MANTA’s infrastructure include:

                     Augmented management of certificates to securely connect databases.

                     Neo4j optimizations to improve visualization rendering performance.

                     Extended ability to export business intelligence reporting attributes to Collibra exports.

                     Ability to include modeling tools for Open MANTA Integration Export, allowing customers to bring important data model information into selected catalog solutions.

“We’re thrilled to have received such positive, game-changing feedback from several customers across a variety of industries who have seen a measurable improvement in the MANTA platform since Release 36,” said Ernie Ostic, SVP of products at MANTA. “With Release 37, we’re offering even greater enhancements to maximize our data lineage offerings and will continue to utilize our engineering expertise to add further advancements to future releases.” 

MANTA is providing Release 37 upgrades just months after Release 36, which included migration to the Neo4j database along with core infrastructure enhancements that received enthusiastic praise from customers.

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