MANTA to Expand Footprint Through Partnership with Teclever

The need for trustworthy data is growing daily and to address this Manta is partnering with Teclever solutions to bring automated data lineage to businesses around the world, expanding the reach of Manta’s data lineage platform.

“This partnership will give more businesses the opportunity to fully realize the value of their data through data lineage,” said Cat Cordeiro, partnerships manager for Manta. “Teclever Solutions shares our commitment to innovation, which is something very important to us here at Manta. We’re looking forward to meeting new customers with Teclever’s assistance and helping them reinvent the way they see data lineage. Additionally, Teclever’s ability to provide on-site staff for customers significantly enhances the value and experience for those who want to get the most of data lineage.”

Teclever Solutions is a value-added reseller (VAR) and systems integrator (SI) that will extend Manta's reach within the APAC market.

Teclever Solutions will also help increase coverage in the Americas and Middle Eastern regions. Teclever will facilitate the integration of crucial scanners, alongside harnessing their expertise in core strength areas to support Manta’s implementation efforts.

Further, Teclever will help scale Manta's product offerings and provide pre-sales services and post-sales support, including the ability for their professional services team to help customers directly in the aforementioned regions.

“Teclever Solutions, a cloud and IoT product and services company is very excited to be a part of the Manta partner ecosystem. We will empower our customers by identifying their data lineage pain points and will use MANTA’s platform to solve those problems,” said Aamir Raees, partner at Teclever Solutions. “Manta is a leading data lineage platform that brings intelligence to metadata management by providing an automated solution that helps you drive productivity, gain trust in your data and accelerate digital transformation.”

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