MENTIS 7 Provides Advancements in Sensitive Information Management

MENTIS Software, a provider of Sensitive Information Management solutions for enterprise applications and databases, has announced the availability of its latest release - MENTIS 7. The new release provides advanced Sensitive Data Discovery capabilities to help customers document and manage sensitive data locations as well as program and user access levels. Scan results of the discovery process are maintained in the MENTIS 7 metadata repository, providing critical information to IT managers responsible for security and audit management.

"Sensitive Data Discovery is really the cornerstone of all the products that we have because no matter what you implement, whether it is for auditing, or monitoring, or masking purposes, we always start with sensitive data discovery," Kevin P. O'Malley, vice president of marketing and product strategy at MENTIS Software, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Sensitive data is usually found in a lot more locations than people realize, O'Malley notes. "That is where we are doing a lot of investing, to make that process faster and also so that it gathers more intelligence."

MENTIS 7 automates the discovery of sensitive data and provides compliance templates for PII, PCI and PHI that are easy to maintain and allow rapid alignment with changing legislation and mandates.

Among the enhancements to capabilities for discovery of sensitive data in MENTIS 7 are enhanced pattern matching and the ability to validate to eliminate false positives without manual effort, as well as enhancements for what MENTIS calls "literal searching" when organizations are scanning for something very specific such as a name. MENTIS 7 also adds the ability to do a quick or partial scan, notes O'Malley. "Sometimes we run into really large databases where the scanning can take a long time, so in MENTIS 7 we built in a sampling feature where we can first do a quick scan." The quick, partial scan still interrogates the data against known patterns and does all the things that are needed to verify whether or not it is sensitive data and where it is located, says O'Malley, and it gives customers additional flexibility.

MENTIS 7 supports Sybase ASE as well as Oracle and SQL Server.

For more details about the release, go here.