MITS Announces New Capabilities in MITS Discover 7.1

MITS, developer of advanced reporting and business intelligence software for the MultiValue database market, has introduced version 7.1 of MITS Discover, the company's OLAP business intelligence system. This latest release includes new capabilities for increased ease of use and enhanced user productivity, as well as new database support.

"The main driver for 7.1 was the addition of the ability to email report results to recipients," Fred Owen, MITS president and CEO, tells 5 Minute Briefing. This means that flash screens can now be immediately emailed from within the interface or scheduled to be sent at a later time (including on a recurring basis). "Automated delivery of report data via email is the major feature of 7.1," emphasizes Owen.

"We worked with several of our customers fairly closely on the development of this feature. MITS Discover especially has always been about interactively exploring information. We have always considered it to be an interactive tool and many people use it that way. However, now we have the ability to proactively push data out and distribute it. That is an important part of the use of the product for our customers."

The automated scheduling of email combined with MITS' security model, when sending a particular report, will render it in the recipients' security context, adds Owen. "The system can be set up so that one single report in the system is automatically distributed to a number of people and each one gets their own version of the information, their own segment of the report, so to speak," he explains.

In other new features, information can now be combined from different hypercubes into a single report, and hypercube status information is now available in MitsWeb.

MITS Discover 7.1 also provides new support for TigerLogic's D³ database as well as support for Ladybridge Systems' OpenQM database. For more information about MITS Discover, go here.