MV Experts Plan to Evolve with the Market in 2019

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Keith LambertKeith Lambert, VP, Marketing and Business Development, Kore Technologies

As in the past, Kore’s clients use a multitude of ERP applications, but those clients are buying other third party apps to supplement their ERP apps.

These third-party applications need to be bidirectionally integrated to the MultiValue ERP application. What Kore is doing is providing these companies with tools that simplify the import and export of data to these third-party applications and the ERP application.

As batch-oriented integration evolves into real-time integration, Kore’s Kourier REST platform continues to add features and updates for RESTful web services to improve access to the ERP data from CRM and other third-party apps. This REST-as-a-server approach has been supported by Kourier for several years.

Companies now want their ERP system to talk directly to third-party applications by calling REST endpoints. Kore has created application connectors, which will be part of a library, and are used to send and receive data through the application using a REST-as-a-client approach. Kourier acts as the middleware piece for the MultiValue applications. 

Kore will continue to support hybrid integrations that use multiple approaches to connect MultiValue systems with other applications as the market moves toward supporting real-time as the standard.

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