MV Vendors Look to the Role of MV in the Future

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Doug Leupen, President and CEO, Entrinsik

Many organizations have built powerful business applications on MultiValue databases but are looking for the ability to connect to other, more prevalent data sources using a modern, intuitive interface that is easily accessible from anywhere.

Entrinsik has been supporting organizations using MultiValue databases for decades, and the newest version of Entrinsik Informer, Informer 5, features an extensible, scalable architecture and a modernized, intuitive user interface that combine to create the most customizable, enterprise-ready data discovery platform on the market.

Organizations can cleanse and transform MultiValue and relational data, even unstructured data, as it streams into Informer with data flows, as well as create datasets to provide one version of the truth for reliable business-wide reporting. They can also visualize and analyze data with the Discover feature by creating, embedding, and sharing personalized data views, and collaborate and support data governance using teams to optimize decision-making across their organization.

With Informer 5, data discovery is now easier, faster, more interactive, and collaborative than ever for MultiValue customers looking to stay competitive in this increasingly demanding data-driven business environment.

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