MVON# to Offer High Availability and Horizontal Scalability

Ongroup’s MVON# platform can now horizontally scale implementations of MultiValue.

MVON# gives MV# developers the tools to write software in MV, transpile to C# and run it in the .NET Common Language Runtime.

“Because we use .NET as the MultiValue run machine (p-machine) and SQL Server as the DBMS for MultiValue applications, we have a wealth of functionality that other MV platforms lack,” said Dawn Wolthus, spokesperson for ONgroup.

This new development allows MVON# users to define primary, secondary and Tertiary lock servers; to have as many nodes as required in the MVON# Cluster; nodes can be added and removed in real-time.; each node can be configured with different RAM, Disk and Processors; and Windows and Linux Nodes can be mixed in a single cluster.

MVON# SQL Tools are included in SQL Server for MV applications to run optimized for SQL Server, offering full support for read/write from MV and full read/write from SQL, according to Wolthus.

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