Magnitude Software Expands EIM Capabilities

Magnitude Software, a provider of enterprise information management solutions, is introducing new additions to its technology suite designed to assist users in making informed business decisions faster and easier.

The release of its Kalido Information Engine 9.1 SP2 makes a variety of advancements in data warehouse automation capabilities including increasing automation that accelerates the migration process and reduces overhead tasks when moving from development to production.

“We try to automate as many repetitive steps as possible,” said John Evans, director of marketing at Magnitude. “We’ve added additional automation in terms of streamlining the whole process for customers to migrate from development, to test, to production which delivers reduced overhead and greater flexibility.”

Other new usability enhancements include a hierarchy management interface for drag-and-drop editing, a trusted login capability for master data management (MDM) consumer interface users, and additional efficiency improvements for MDM administrators in handling and managing subtypes in the MDM model.

“One of the other things we did is we have a new capability to enable customers to more easily integrate with other systems to consume published master data,” Evans said.

As part of this release, a new Kalido MDM Workbench 1.0 product is now available as an add-on module to Kalido MDM 9.1 SP2. 

The Kalido MDM Workbench includes a collection of pre-built, model-driven objects that enable developers to create custom interface screens for more process-driven MDM applications.

Business users who are consuming and using output from data warehouses and MDM initiative will benefit from this, according to Evans.

“Specifically IT will see the faster load performance that we’ve added,” Evans said. “But, at the end of the day the data is going to be delivered more rapidly to the business side that will be able to then get access to it more quickly and make the decisions they need to make.”

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