Magnitude Software Introduces NoetixViews 6.5 for Oracle E-Business Suite

Magnitude Software, a provider of enterprise information management (EIM) software, has released new product versions designed to improve every component of the Noetix operational reporting solution for Oracle E-Business Suite.

Now available, NoetixViews 6.5 for Oracle E-Business Suite features incremental regeneration for global views.  Before incremental regeneration, the only option for implementing NoetixViews Workbench customizations was a full regeneration of the views.  Incremental regeneration only processes NoetixViews Workbench changes since the last full or incremental regeneration reducing the wait time to minutes so that end users benefit from quicker access to data and faster time to business decisions, requiring fewer resources and less planning from IT. 

“The line of business demand for better information faster puts relentless pressure on operational reporting,” said Paul Winterstein, senior director, product management at Magnitude Software.  “Business intelligence professionals need to be responsive and agile, delivering optimized solutions that meet the ever-changing requirements from users.  Our new product releases help to quickly satisfy those user demands.”

Key enhancements for NoetixViews 6.5 include out-of-the-box business views that can be customized and extended using NoetixViews Workbench to meet reporting requirements; the ability to do joins between views to enable report creation using data from two or more views; usability improvements; enhancements to Subledger Accounting views; new Subledger Accounting views for U.S. Federal Financials budget transactions; performance tuning improvements; and a new module called NoetixViews for Oracle Contract Lifecycle Management.

Also shipping with NoetixViews 6.5 is Noetix Enterprise Manager 2.2 and NoetixViews Workbench 2.2, enabling users to create more robust designs and deploy them in minutes.

Noetix Enterprise Manager is the platform for running the browser-based versions of the Noetix administration tools.  Enterprise Manager provides a common framework of users, environments, jobs and logs for NoetixViews Workbench, Noetix MetaBuilder, and Noetix Search Builder, the administration tool for building and maintaining Noetix Search indexes.  Now in its second generation of release, Noetix Enterprise Manager delivers an all-inclusive platform for running the full suite of applications in the Noetix operational reporting solution.

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