Mainframe Virtual Network Performance Monitoring Tool from AES

AES, a virtualization infrastructure provider, announced a new solution that provides virtual network performance monitoring for Linux on System z, in real time, as well as alerting capabilities that can be integrated with other system management software. The new offering, CleverView for TCP/IP on Linux, offers a focal point for the health of all Linux nodes and application performance monitoring, as well as intelligent diagnostic capabilities for specific IP-addressable resources, such as devices, links, routes, connections, and nodes, within the virtualized environment.

In addition to real-time monitoring and alerting, CleverView for TCP/IP on Linux provides a performance database with Linux workload information for intelligent analytical performance and workload correlation. The performance reports can be exported for use in performing customized studies or virtualized environment chargeback accounting.

"The rise of virtualization technology and increasing deployments of Linux on System z, supported by IBM's zEnterprise System, has accelerated data center consolidation. The resulting reductions in energy usage, floor space and operating costs, coupled with improved performance, have all provided IT departments with a better return on investment," Trevor Dodd, senior director, Business Development, AES, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

CleverView for TCP/IP on Linux accelerates the deployment of virtualization projects for proof of concept and workload migration. It offers visibility and accountability for end-to-end connectivity in any virtual networking environment.

Highlights of the product are its LinuxView, which offers a focal point for all Linux node performance monitoring and alerting; ProcessView, which provides application system usage information for selected Linux nodes; LinkView, which tracks virtual network link status and traffic information; Connect Expert, which presents TCP listener information, end-to-end session connections, and UDP end points; and PinPoint, which offers intelligent diagnostic information for specific IP-addressable resources (such as devices, links, routes, connections, and nodes).
CleverView for TCP/IP on Linux v 1.1 supports Linux on System z (for both z/10 and the new IBM zEnterprise System) and is in managed availability for selected customers through the beta test process, with general availability to follow.

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