Maintec Technologies Announces 'zLinux-in-a-Box' Service

Maintec Technologies has launched a service that offers corporations a capability to outsource their Linux environment to Maintec Data Center. The service, zLinux-in-a-Box, enables users to take advantage of Linux on System z, which offers combined core strength of mainframe along with the openness and stability of Linux platform. 

“zLinux-in-a-Box is per Maintec's vision to provide technological innovation and increased economies of scale to our clients,” says Sonny Gupta, Founder-President of Maintec Technologies Inc. “This is to ensure a momentous change in the way we do business. zLinux solution not only benefits IT departments by offering increased efficiency and effectiveness in the way technology works, but across the entire organization and its customers."

Linux on System z can be the ideal solution for organizations that are finding it difficult to deal with software license costs, for companies that understand and want to leverage virtualization to achieve high-capacity utilization and also for those that want to improve uptime / reliability / serviceability. In addition, customers seeking the most cost-effective platform for a migration to open source operating systems and applications should seriously consider running Linux on System z.

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