Maintec Technologies Unveils 'Graveyard Shift' Support for Data Centers

Maintec Technologies, an infrastructure support vendor, has launched a service it calls "Graveyard Shift Service," which offers companies running IBM mainframe data centers capability to outsource their night shift operations to be supported from Maintec's Bangalore-based Network Operations center.

"Outsourcing graveyard shift operations to Maintec opens up access to a large pool of highly qualified and skilled mainframe professionals who handle data center operations during the U.S. night shift, a time that happens to be the day shift in India," says Sonny Gupta, founder and president of Maintec.

Staffing the night, holiday and weekend shifts at data centers has been a constant source of concern for CIOs and CTOs, as finding qualified and skilled resources within bounds of cost remains a challenge. The current economic landscape is making it increasingly difficult for data center managers to retain their best and brightest staff, Gupta says.

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