Make Plans Now for the Next UNITE Conference

Make plans now to attend the Minneapolis Conference November 8-11, 2009 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Minneapolis, Minn.

Why attend? Read what some of your colleagues said about attending the UNITE Conferences:

"UNITE is more than just a conference, it is a community of individuals associated with Unisys. Attending a conference for the first time is like opening the door, subsequent conferences provide a way to meet with friends to address issues as a community; all learning and helping each other." - Tim Schulz, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota

"Go, and go with all your questions. These folks are the ones who can answer them, or find someone who will." - Kevin Kelley, Virginia Information Technologies Agency

"Very focused event. Many parallel streams. Attendees very communicative and friendly." - Simon Maxwell, Information Gateways

"The only one-stop shopping venue for Unisys information and access to Unisys Engineers." - Tom Renolds, Phoenix Police Department

Visit the UNITE website to keep in touch about the upcoming 2009 Conference and additional UNITE offerings.