Making Machine Data the Secret Ingredient to Your Business Success

If used correctly, machine data can provide a company a significant advantage in terms of understanding user and machine behavior, fighting cyber security risks and fraudulent behavior, service levels and customer behavior.

In his talk at Data Summit 2015, Dejan Deklich, vice president, engineering platform and cloud at Splunk, discussed issues around machine data analysis and showcased some prominent use cases.  Splunk provides a platform for real-time operational intelligence about IT systems and technology infrastructure—physical, virtual and in the cloud.

Deklich said Dominos, the largest pizza delivery company in the world and a high user of online transactions, is using machine data for application and IT management to evaluate the success of its campaigns, enabling it to make timely decisions that impact the business.

New York Air Brake, which provides for the rail industry, much of which is heavy machinery to monitor, analyze and visualize sensor data from more than 5,000 locomotives as well as to ascertain the most efficient way to ship products in terms of use of space, resulting in up to $1 billion in fuel and other costs.

Home Depot, the world's largest home improvement specialty retailer, uses machine data for faster trouble shooting and to maintain the health of its entire application infrastructure.

Red Hat, a provider of open source software solutions, including cloud, Linux, middleware, storage and virtualization technologies, is using machine data to produce better code faster, enabling development and migration to the cloud, with reduced error rates.

FINRA transforms third party threat intelligence information into security alerts, and Apollo Education Group, Today, Apollo Education Group, which provides higher education programs for working adults through subsidiaries such as University of Phoenix, uses machine data for a broad range of use cases, including tracking students use of software and improving its services.

Royal Flying Doctor Service, an aeromedical health service for those who live, work or travel in outback and regional Australia, is gaining real time insights into its aircraft operators and medical services delivery.

According to Splunk, machine data is one of the fastest growing and most valuable segments of data, since it contains a record that is not possible to obtain otherwise, because it comes it is generated in unpredictable formats that re difficult to process and analyze by traditional methods in a timely manner. 

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