Making the Shift from Relational to NoSQL at Data Summit 2018

More and more DBAs are being tasked with taking care of "non-relational" databases. In the past it was just Oracle or SQL Server that DBAs had to worry about.
Now, platforms such as MongoDB and Cassandra are coming under the management of IT, requiring a new set of skills for existing teams.

Jason Hall, senior systems consultant, Quest Software, explores familiar concepts DBAs are accustomed to, and how these concepts can translate to NoSQL platforms in his Data Summit 2018 session, titled “NoSQL Concepts for the Relational DBA.”

Data Summit 2018 will take place at the Hyatt Regency Boston, May 22-23, with pre-conference workshops on Monday, May 21. Cognitive Computing Summit also be co-located at the event.

“I’m going to be discussing the shift from relational databases to non-relational databases, specifically from the DBA perspective,” Hall said.  “Does the definition of availability change, and how technologies around replication and sharding are different from what we 'relational folks' are used to.”

Non relational databases like MongoDB and Cassandra have been around for several years now, however Hall is just now starting to see these systems come under the management of enterprise IT. 

Most DBAs that work for IT organizations have a strong background in relational technologies, however, are just learning the basics involved with managing a non-relational system. 

“While 'data is data,' the fundamental differences between relational and non-relational platforms require a different type of management than most IT organizations are used to,” Hall said.

This will be Hall’s first time attending Data Summit, however, he’s worked with DBTA before on various webcast topics and “DBTA typically brings a high quality audience to all sessions.”

 “I look forward to discussing this relational to non-relational change with the conference attendees, and to learn more about how they are managing this increasingly complex database landscape,” Hall said. “This topic that I am presenting is built on some basic fundamental technological concepts, however many of the stories and anecdotes that I’ll be sharing come straight from DBAs who are living through this struggle, so I look forward to learning more.”

He predicts attendees will focus on the hybridization of data management within an organization. 

Gone are the days of being an “Oracle” shop, as customers and developers seem to be making more strategic decisions around what type of database do their applications require, and where that data should live, he said.

“Hybrid cloud deployments are now the norm, along with DBAs needing to manage multiple database platforms,” Hall said. “While these choices are typically the best for each individual application, it introduces increasing complexity around how DBAs are required to manage their environment.  I’m also expecting to hear a lot of database administrators and developers discuss how DevOps oriented workflows are permeating  in to their environments, and how this has changed how they need to do business.”

Hall will give his talk on Tuesday, May 22, 2018, at 12:00 pm at Data Summit.

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