ManageEngine Boosts Security of its ADManager Solution

ManageEngine, the real-time IT management company, is adding smart card support to ADManager Plus, its Active Directory management and reporting software solution.

Smart cards are a simple and flexible option to help secure user data and set up user or role-based access to organizational data.

“It’s simply an acknowledgement that access to active directories and AD tools like ADManager is so very critical because once you have access to the active directory, you essentially have access to all the various applications or assets within the organization,” said Raj Sabhlok, president of ManageEngine. “By putting a traditional smart card in between a password to get into our ADManagement suite makes the bar that much higher for people to get in and use these powerful tools.”

The company also announced the addition of Active Directory Users and Computers reports, as well as the ability to manage and execute AD tickets in ADManager Plus iOS and Android mobile apps.

ADManager Plus mobile apps offer the much needed freedom and flexibility to be on top of AD user accounts 24/7.

With the addition of computer management, user and computer reports, and the capability to manage and execute AD tickets, the ADManager Plus mobile apps will now make it possible to perform a major chunk of critical AD operations using just mobile devices.

With the latest version of the ADManager Plus iOS or Android mobile app, administrators and technicians can identify all users, including inactive, locked out, disabled, and password-expired users; list all computers, including those that are inactive or disabled; enable or disable, delete and reset computers, as well as manage their group memberships; and review, approve or reject, execute and delete AD tickets.

Chief information officers, security personnel, and AD administrators will benefit the most from this upgrade, Sabhlok said.

“To know their infrascture is secure is pretty critical,” Sabhlok said.

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