ManageEngine Brings SMB-Scale IT Monitoring to Large Enterprise Sites

ManageEngine, an IT management tools provider, is shipping a new version of its flagship network monitoring software, OpManager. OpManager 9.2 adds features and functionality, including agent-based log file monitoring, discovery rule engine, faster discovery, IPAM plug-in, tab customization and more.

OpManager is a network and IT infrastructure monitoring platform that offers fault and performance management across WAN, VoIP call paths, network devices, servers, essential applications and other IT infrastructure such as printers and UPS.

The latest version of OpManager introduces advanced functionality that facilitates effortless and effective enterprise network management with features such as agent-based log file monitoring, which tracks the existence of a particular string (string or a regular expression) in any log file.

"SMBs have known about this do-it-all network performance monitor for years. However, with the scalability features added in OpManager 9.2, even the largest networks of the largest enterprises can now be managed with ease," Raj Sabhlok, president of ManageEngine, tells 5 Minute Briefing. 

While OpManager doesn't directly support mainframe systems, it provides monitoring through the network, Sabhlok says. “We don't provide a native mainframe agent, but we would be able to report on network performance via standard protocols like SNMP or through the network devices connecting the mainframe to the network,” he explains.

The new release includes a discovery rule engine that helps associate the relevant monitors based on the type and nature of devices. For example, a user can associate all IIS devices to IIS business view automatically and add IIS-related process and service monitors automatically.

OpManager also addresses virtualized settings, Sabhlok says. “OpManager provides availability monitoring and in-depth performance analysis for VMware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization platforms. OpManager manages physical, virtual and cloud environments seamlessly and simultaneously from a single interface.”

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