ManageEngine Incorporates Real-time Alerts in SQL Server Monitoring Solution

ManageEngine, an IT management company, is releasing real-time alerts for SQL Server audit activities in SQLDBManager Plus. SQLDManager Plus is the company’s availability and performance monitoring solution for Microsoft SQL Server.

With this new capability, the solution notifies DBAs the moment any anomalous activity is detected and finds the root cause, prompting a faster threat mitigation response.

“Our products tend to appeal to various IT technicians within the IT organization…and there are a number of things that DBA’s want to be able to do with this real-time information,” said Raj Sabhlok, president of ManageEngine. “They want to be able to very quickly determine if there’s going to be an impact on the database such that there’s a cascading effect to the application throughout the enterprise.”

The update further allows users configure alarms for the audit events and receive alerts in real time, via email or SMS.

Additionally, it lets users execute query actions for critical and unauthorized changes made to the SQL Server.

The auditing system in SQLDBManager Plus provides robust reports that give insight into minute details of the SQL Server by tracking various events on multiple SQL Server instances.

The pre-defined reports are augmented with additional custom reports, designed to meet specific user requirements.

The right combination of reports, with real-time alerts, will help database administrators identify potential internal and external threats to the security of the organization’s sensitive information, sustain regulatory compliance, tighten security, minimize risk and avoid unnecessary downtime.

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