ManageEngine Releases API for Security Log Information

ManageEngine, a provider of real-time IT management tools, announced a new API that enables third-party tools to access log data generated by EventLog Analyzer, its security information and event management solution. The EventLog Analyzer API enables security administrators to feed normalized log data into any third-party application, including crowd-sourced threat intelligence solutions, vulnerability assessment platforms, business intelligence tools, or even custom applications for advanced security intelligence and threat protection.

“While security visibility across all elements of IT infrastructure has become essential, most organizations cannot afford huge investment on big data analytics,” said Chenthil Kumaran, product manager at ManageEngine. EventLog Analyzer is designed to help overcome any limitations by opening up its database for integration with any third-party application.

The normalized data from EventLog Analyzer could be fed into crowd-sourced advanced threat intelligence services, sandbox solutions or sophisticated vulnerability assessment platforms. These tools can associate EventLog Analyzer’s security data with the information they already possess and help mitigate emerging attacks, botnets, zero-day threats, phishing attacks, malware attacks and advanced persistent threats.

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