ManageEngine Releases Application Performance Monitoring Solution for Hadoop and Oracle

ManageEngine, the real-time IT management company, is unleashing a new application performance monitoring solution, enabling IT operations teams in enterprises to gain operational intelligence into big data platforms.

“Data is central to a lot of the infrastructure that customers are putting in place and a lot of the applications that they are using today are to either serve or store data,” said Raj Sabhlok, president, ManageEngine. “This comes in so many formats. It’s pretty critical we look beyond the application itself and incorporate the database in terms of reporting, benchmarking, and testing the overall performance of the application.”

Applications Manager enables performance monitoring of Hadoop clusters to minimize downtime and performance degradation as well as take corrective action proactively before any problems arise.

Additionally, the platform’s monitoring support for Oracle Coherence provides deep insights into the health and performance of Coherence clusters and facilitates rapid troubleshooting of issues.

Among its benefits, Hadoop and Oracle Coherence monitoring in Applications Manager helps IT personnel gain a 360-degree view into the performance of Hadoop and Oracle Coherence clusters, get proactive alerts on a wide array of error conditions and faults, diagnose and repair performance issues faster and keep critical applications up and running, monitor resource utilization to ensure critical workloads do not run out of resources, make informed decisions on capacity planning to handle the increasing size and complexity of applications, and assess the value delivered by big data processes to the enterprise.

The support for Hadoop and Oracle Coherence is complementary to the existing out-of-the-box support for more than 80 applications and infrastructure components, including other big data/NoSQL technologies such as Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis, Memcached and Couchbase.

End users will benefit the most from this platform’s storage environment flexibility, according to Sabhlok.

“We’re offering more management flexibility and thereby more flexibility in terms of databases,” Sabhlok said. “This announcement is really a part of an overall puzzle of application management and our goal is to have as many of those pieces covered.”

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