MapR, Cisco, and SAP Come Together to Create Tools for SAP HANA

Cisco is launching an appliance that includes the MapR Converged Data Platform for SAP HANA, making it easier and faster for users to take advantage of big data.

Cisco’s UCS Integrated Infrastructure for SAP HANA is based on its B460 scale-out platform with C240 storage servers, and incorporates the MapR Converged Data Platform.

“It’s a natural evolution as we’ve been working closely with Cisco for a number of years,” said Jack Norris, senior vice president of data and applications at MapR. “They are an important partner. We’ve done a lot with Cisco and they use our software throughout the organization so they’re not only a partner but they are a customer.”

The UCS Integrated Infrastructure for SAP HANA is made easy to deploy, speeds time to market, and will reduce operational expenses along with providing users with the flexibility to choose a scale-up (on-premises) or scale-out (cloud) storage strategy.

“If you look at SAP environments, I think they’re going to be particularly important to the growth of Internet of Things,” Norris said. “Having an analytic platform that can ingest and deal with all that data is important.”

SAP HANA customers will be able to leverage a variety of capabilities, including business continuity, real-time access to data, flexibility in application development and analytic processing, multi-tenancy, security, and reliability.

“The future includes Hadoop and Spark. There are are  many analytic opportunities for people to start with a converged data platform but it’s also this very robust, powerful, scale-out, data platform and it’s another example of where that converged data platform can provide benefits in other areas,” Norris said. “I think you’ll continue to see additional partnerships and use cases with our existing partners as well as new partners.”

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