MapR Converged Data Platform 6.0 Adds Security, Database, and Automated Administration Features

MapR Technologies, a pioneer in delivering one platform for all data, across every cloud, has announced the availability of the MapR Converged Data Platform 6.0, with new advancements to help organizations achieve greater value from their data through DataOps teams.  The major system update from MapR includes innovations that automate platform health and security, and a database for next-generation applications.

“DataOps” is an emerging practice utilized by large organizations with teams of data scientists, developers, and other data-focused roles that train machine learning models and deploy them to production.  The goal of using a DataOps methodology is to create an agile, self-service workflow that fosters collaboration and boosts creativity while respecting data governance policies.  A DataOps practice supports cross-functional collaboration and fast time-to-value.  It is characterized by processes as well as the use of enabling technologies, such as the MapR Platform. 

The 6.0 release focuses on three key areas in support of DataOps:  automated cluster health and administration, security and data governance, and faster time to machine learning and analytics, according to Anoop Dawar, vice president product management and marketing, MapR. 

To simplify processing of cluster health and continuous operations, The MapR Platform now includes a new MapR Control System that administers all data (volumes, tables, and streams) and monitors cluster health with metric co-relation in single pane of glass, and recently introduced database indexing in MapR-DB delivers auto-propagation, auto-scale, and auto-management.

In addition, the MapR Change Data Capture now integrates MapR-DB with MapR-ES, a global event streaming system, out of the box. MapR-DB, in conjunction with MapR-ES, enables simplified data integration, and allows multiple applications, including advanced machine learning models and deployments to share information and be synchronized in real-time.

Version 6.0 offers new single-click security enhancements such as enforcement of authentication and more comprehensive encryption on the wire, while taking much of the guesswork out of configuring security, and also makes MapR’s recently announced Data Science Refinery available for complete, self-service access to all data from within the same cluster.

The updated MapR Expansion Pack (MEP) also includes a new MapR Container for Developers, a single-node MapR deployment intended for developers that want to create new applications and services, or simply learn more about MapR, support for the new Apache Myriad 0.2 release with security improvements and the ability to handle Mesos GPU bids, enhanced support for Hive on MapR-DB JSON tables.

For more information on the new features in version 6.0, visit here.