MapR Provides Solution to Help Data Scientists Analyze Big Data In-Place

MapR Technologies has introduced the MapR Data Science Refinery, a new solution that allows data scientists to access and analyze all data in-place, to collaborate, build and deploy machine learning models on the MapR Converged Data Platform. 

The MapR Data Science Refinery includes a comprehensive data science notebook that supports a range of open source tooling, compute and query engines, and libraries for exploration, collaboration and visualization. Breaking down siloed roles in organizations undergoing digital transformation, the MapR Data Science Refinery enables data scientists to work more effectively with developers as part of a data-focused DataOps team to deploy operational applications.

Additionally, the MapR Platform provides a global namespace and superior replication capability making it possible to use the platform for model and notebook repository sharing and mirroring. The MapR Platform enables real-time machine learning pipelines to help incorporate artificial intelligence into business workflows at scale.

As an extension of the MapR Data Science Refinery, MapR plans to work closely with companies, such as, and C3IoT, to provide additional machine learning and other analytical tools to improve the data scientist experience.

For more information on the MapR Data Science Refinery, visit here.