MapR Technologies Brings Hadoop and NoSQL Capabilities Together in New Big Data Platform

Hadoop technology provider MapR Technologies has announced a new big data platform that will bring Hadoop and NoSQL capabilities together. MapR M7 will allow organizations to perform big data operations with enterprise-grade reliability and protection.

MapR M7 makes HBase enterprise grade, featuring instant recovery from hardware and software failures, disaster recovery, and full data protection with snapshots and mirroring. By eliminating the need for compactions, M7 also increases the performance of HBase, making it more consistent with faster inserts and updates. “On the performance side not only did we increase the throughput, but there’s consistent low latency,” Jack Norris, MapR’s vice president, marketing, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Additionally, M7 supports in-memory columns, giving customers more options to increase database performance.

Improvements in HBase scalability are also present in MapR M7, with more than 20X the number of column families and increased row and cell sizes to accommodate large data objects. “M7 is a completely new architecture that simplifies things dramatically. Now you’ve got files and tables together in the same data layer; it’s a unified data platform,” Norris explains. MapR M7 also simplifies HBase administration as there are no separate processes to monitor and manage, no manual compactions or region merges, no manual database repair operations, and no downtime for standard maintenance.

MapR M7 is currently in beta availability. To learn more visit