MapR Technologies Introduces TensorFlow into its Platform

MapR Technologies, Inc. is releasing its enhanced Customer 360 Quick Start Solution, featuring TensorFlow, an open source software library for machine learning capabilities. The tool is also used for diverse use cases including language translation and medical diagnosis.

Combining TensorFlow with MapR enables customers to build converged applications that incorporate deep learning and natural language processing to better understand customer behavior and uncover deeper insights in a 360-degree-customer-view solution.

 “Natural language processing is a key technology to understanding customer behavior across multiple communication channels such as phone, emails, social media, customer support chat etc.,” said Dave Jespersen, senior vice president, worldwide services, MapR Technologies.   “With TensorFlow as part of the Customer 360 QSS, organizations can take the first step towards utilizing this technology to better serve their customers and uncover new revenue opportunities.”

TensorFlow applications powered by MapR can leverage petabytes of data and train models in parallel across multiple servers, leveraging both CPUs and/or GPUs.

TensorFlow runs on MapR clusters with heterogeneous hardware for fast access to multi-temperature web-scale storage and support for other compute engines such as Apache Spark in order to build robust data science pipelines.

TensorFlow benefits from platform-level capabilities in MapR, including microservices support to enable easier management of input and output data, particularly for A-B/multivariate testing of machine learning models.

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