MapR and Informatica Combine to Conquer Volume, Variety and Velocity of Big Data

MapR Technologies and Informatica have announced joint support for MapR's distribution for Hadoop with the Informatica Platform. In addition, Informatica HParser Community Edition which is available for free will be available for download as part of the MapR distribution from the MapR website. The MapR distribution is also available through the EMC Greenplum MR Edition and Cisco UCS.

Informatica HParser provides Hadoop developers with out-of-the-box Hadoop parsing capabilities to address a range of data sources, including logs, call data records, industry standards, documents and binary or hierarchical data, and native support for MapR enables HParser users to take advantage of the dependability, speed and ease of use of MapR's platform. 

"Big data comes in many shapes and sizes, from transaction data to social, streaming and other forms of machine generated data both in batch and real-time,"  says Sachin Chawla, senior vice president and general manager, Data Integration, Informatica. "For the first time, MapR and Informatica are providing a solution that handles the volume, variety and velocity of big data, combining the power of data integration, data replication, messaging with the simplicity of no-code design in Informatica."

"The Informatica and MapR partnership provides unique advantages for organizations looking for performance, scale and dependability," adds John Schroeder, CEO of MapR. "In addition, we've received strong customer response for our joint support of real-time streaming of messages into Hadoop. Customers want an enterprise ready solution that applies to a broad set of applications and industries."

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