Mapbox and CARTO Partner to Advance Location Intelligence

CARTO, a provider of location intelligence technology, has announced a new partnership with Mapbox, a provider of a mapping and location data platform for developers. The companies aim to advance the state of the art in the location intelligence industry.

Legacy geographic information systems (GISs) have provided a foundation for businesses to collect and visualize geographic information, but as millions of sensors, internet of things (IoT) devices and connected vehicles proliferate the marketplace, enterprises need a new path forward to make decisions based on location intelligence data predictions, not just see historical information on a 2D map image. In order to make location intelligence accessible to new classes of users, this integration adds an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) that can be used by nearly any job category. A wide array of users will be able to process information introduced by data streams from sources such as connected cars, smartphones, sensorized IoT devices and more.

Through their partnership, CARTO and Mapbox say, customers will get access to the most modern technologies for location data services and intelligence. CARTO provides advanced analytics and location applications, and is integrating Mapbox’s maps, search, and navigation APIs and SDKs. The combined location technology stack, the companies say, will enable handling of new data streams, new analytics and new classes of non-technical users that don’t need advanced training and certifications to gain visibility and make forward-looking decisions.

“Thanks to the influx of streaming data and connected devices, the explosion of location data is just beginning. This boom combined with a new set of users and evolving analytics capabilities means legacy solutions can’t handle today’s demands,” said Javier de la Torre, founder and CEO at CARTO. “People are demanding a more modern approach, and now you don’t have to get a master’s degree to do spatial analytics.”

“Our map and location data services matched with CARTO’s spatial analytics represent the modern location technology stack,” said Eric Gundersen, CEO, Mapbox. “Together, we are working to simplify working with location data. We’re putting spatial analytics into the hands of more users and are giving our customers competitive advantage with better decision making.”

For more details on the partnership, go to the CARTO or Mapbox websites.