MariaDB Acquires Clustrix, Adds Scale-Out Capabilities

MariaDB is acquiring Clustrix, a provider of distributed database technology. With the acquisition, MariaDB adds scale-out capability that runs on premises with commodity hardware or in any cloud environment.

The acquisition, which follows news of an additional investment in MariaDB to further database innovation, helps advance the MariaDB Labs mission to tackle the most extreme challenges in the database field, specifically around distributed computing, machine learning, and next-generation chips, memory, and storage environments.

"Today, the choices for a scale-out database option are limited – go with a traditional solution like Oracle with high cost and bloat or choose a NoSQL solution that has limited capabilities for data integrity," said Michael Howard, CEO, MariaDB Corporation. "With Clustrix, MariaDB can provide a better solution for our customers that have challenging scale-out enterprise environments. Our distributed solution will satisfy the most extreme requirements of our largest customers and gives them the freedom to break from Oracle's lock-in."

Clustrix distributed technology delivers more than 25 trillion transactions per month through its customers, which translates to datasets in the billions of rows.

MariaDB is adaptable regardless of workload requirements thanks to an architecture that supports pluggable, purpose-built storage engines.

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