MariaDB Kubernetes Operator Now Available in the Red Hat Container Catalog

MariaDB Corporation’s MariaDB Kubernetes Operator is available in the Red Hat Container Catalog and has achieved Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification.

The MariaDB Operator enables customers to deploy MariaDB Platform in a variety of database configurations in a Kubernetes environment and is a key technology for MariaDB’s cloud strategy.

“The adoption of Kubernetes across major cloud providers allows for multi-cloud deployments and reduces the risk from lock-in. Kubernetes offers operational agility and the ability to more seamlessly scale up and down,” said Saravana Krishnamurthy, VP of product management, cloud and analytics, MariaDB Corporation. “The MariaDB Kubernetes Operator, now with Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification, let’s our customers more quickly deploy and manage MariaDB Platform in the cloud, and it is a critical component of MariaDB’s upcoming public cloud service, SkySQL. With nearly a quarter of our customers running MariaDB in the cloud today, we are committed to ensuring their success across cloud platforms.”

MariaDB’s modern architecture for today’s world is a natural fit for cloud and container environments. In a microservices environment leveraging containers, MariaDB’s architecture enables a database to spin up in a matter of seconds if a container pod fails, offering high availability and reliability.

Red Hat OpenShift users get access to the MariaDB Kubernetes Operator. MariaDB is actively working with customers in banking, retail, telecommunications, supply chain management and broadcast to test and implement the MariaDB Kubernetes Operator in their environments.

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