MariaDB Launches Database as a Service—"SkySQL"

MariaDB has announced the immediate availability of MariaDB SkySQL, a database-as-a-service (DBaaS) for transactions, analytics, or both, and optimized with cloud-native architecture.

“The universal need for accessible yet robust database services has never been higherfor around-the-clock critical operations and simplified analytics for a changing world,” said Michael Howard, CEO, MariaDB Corp. “Existing services, long in the tooth, lock out community innovation, meaning patches, new versions and features are missing for literally years. MariaDB SkySQL is a next-generation cloud database, built by the world’s top database engineers in the industry, allowing organizations large and small to know they have an always-on partner to not only roll out new applications, but ensure a consistent and enduring quality of service.”

According to MariaDB, first-generation cloud databases emphasized convenience and price, yet also exposed gaps such as stunted features that eliminate the ability to lift and shift to the cloud, limited configurations, mission-critical capabilities that are missing, and a lack of critical database expertise.

SkySQL is the result of MariaDB’s mission to build a new and better cloud database, delivering customer requirements through technology and people. According to MariaDB, the SkySQL cloud database delivers:

  • Mission-critical for all: SkySQL is built using the highest standards for high availability, scalability and security, including: support for failover across multiple zones, self-healing, read load balancing, transparent read/write splitting, IP whitelisting and end-to-end encryption. It leverages MariaDB Enterprise Server for greater stability, reliability, and security above and beyond the popular MariaDB Community Server, and also helps its customers meet GDPR requirements and is HIPAA-compliant.
  • Always on, always ready: SkySQL runs on the latest version of MariaDB Platform so users  have access to the latest features, improvements, and security updates.
  • Support for smart transactions: SkySQL supports transactions, analytics, and smart transactions. The DBaaS offers row, columnar, and combined row and columnar storage. 
  • Expertise from the source: SkySQL is built for MariaDB by MariaDB. With decades of database engineering, support, and administration experience, SkySQL customers get the same world-class support and peace of mind on-prem customers enjoy today. A DBaaS direct from the source means customers get the added benefit of influencing feature decisions and revenue is reinvested back into MariaDB innovation.

SkySQL implements a modern architecture leveraging Kubernetes for container orchestration; ServiceNow for inventory, configuration, and workflow management; and Prometheus and Grafana for real-time monitoring and visualization. 

Access to SkySQL is available now on