MariaDB Releases an Open Source Columnar Storage Engine

MariaDB Corporation, is launching MariaDB ColumnStore 1.0, an open source columnar storage engine that unites transaction and analytic processing to deliver seamless big data analytics.

“Providing a single SQL front end for both your OLTP and analytics is valuable and important,” said David Thompson, VP of engineering at MariaDB.

New features and benefits of ColumnStore 1.0 include lower cost of ownership and better price performance, easier enterprise analytics, and faster, more efficient queries.

Users who have big data issues or are in the IoT landscape, will benefit from these updates, Thompson said.

As the company looks to the future it plans to add the ability to stream in data from several systems or an OLTP database directly, Thompson said.

“I think also we’re looking to build out additional use cases as we see gaps in the product,” Thompson said. “We’re looking to expand the API’s and entry points for people who are looking to get data into ColumnStore.”

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