MariaDB Unleashes MaxScale Update that Adds Kafka Integration, Enhances Security, and More

MariaDB Corporation is updating its MaxScale platform, adding a data streaming integration with Kafka, enhanced security, and high availability capabilities.

MariaDB MaxScale is a next-generation database proxy that manages administrative functions like security, scalability, data streaming and high availability, enabling the database to focus on core functionality to drive faster innovation.

“To stay competitive, enterprises need to be highly responsive to allow for changes to web applications without downtime to the application or backend infrastructure,” said Roger Bodamer, chief product officer at MariaDB Corporation. “MariaDB MaxScale decouples admin functionality from the database so the database and applications run at peak performance at scale. This decoupling enables businesses to iterate quickly to support the speed of innovation.”

MaxScale 2.0 enhances database security, high availability, and adds new data streaming capabilities for scale-out environments.

MaxScale 2.0 adds change data capture (CDC), which captures and streams all transactional data changes along with building on its advanced database firewall feature to also add end-to-end SSL to prevent unauthorized data access.

MaxScale’s high availability solution allows applications to be 100 percent operational without any single point of failure. MaxScale 2.0 adds a new feature to ensure there is no impact on read transactions when a node fails so user experience is never compromised.

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